Here are some of the photos I took during the grand parade:

Few of the popular local artists I was able to capture:

Try to spot Gabby Concepcion on the last photo. 

My sister Zam and I while watching the grand parade. Its always been like a tradition every Sinulog that we're on this street ever since we were still in our elementary years. Because I couldn't survive longer under the heat of the sun, I spend majority of the time sitting on one of the trucks at Mango Ave. Some of my friends always see me there and others, I see them in the floats. Haha! I look forward to go rugged next Sinulog and join the paint party where everyone is and try to survive the crowd.

I hope this post helped me convince my international readers who haven't visited my country (Philippines) or those who already visited but didn't come to Cebu yet to experience Sinulog next year! Its celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January. I'm pretty sure you'll have fun, I swear its worth it! Will post a separate post on what I wore. TGWTS.

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