#TGWTStravels: Museum of Glass

To freshly start off the -ber month slash fashion month slash birth month (I know, September is a big one!), is the much awaited travel posts I've worked hard (and still working) for my dearest readers! Yaaay! I'm sure most of you know where I spent my whole summer vacation, and then fast forward to the opposite weather we're having now versus spring/summer weather back, I could't help but reminisce on the adventures, experiences and places I went to earlier this year. At the same time, writing this post for you guys is like a pinch for myself because somehow until today, I can't believe these happened! Though this is just the first post of so many coming up, I'm sure you'll get how I'm feeling after I've posted all my summer break travels.

First off is the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, Washington, USA. Always had an open door for museums, I finally got the chance to visit one outside the country for the first time. Off the bucket list! Even if it's not the most popular museum known in the world, I still consider it a remarkable one in my books. I was just so lucky that time my mom's close friend from California came to visit us in town for the weekend because basically, she's also crushing out Washington State off her bucket list and at the same time thought to celebrate my mom's birthday with us. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone! On her first morning, we tried to search for museums and found so many but ended up here. We had so much fun despite my mom had to miss it since she was scheduled to work that day. The first photo above is the first thing you see after taking the elevator from the parking lot. It is made up of glass (of course!) and would light up vibrant colors at night. That's how you know it's the Museum of Glass! Too bad I don't have a photo of it at night time.

I can't quite tell if the earlier, the better is a must for museums since it was a first for me but we got there early and didn't have to fall in line to get passes. As soon as we got our passes, we were welcomed and got introduced to the glass sculptor and artist Dale Chihuly through the timeline shown on the photos above. He's definitely all new and interesting to me and it always feels great to get to know someone who made a good mark and inspired people even if you don't get to meet them personally. You can read more about Chihuly's personal life and how art mixed with courage and passion made him become a true and known American glass sculptor here and here.

Here are some of his early abstract sketches.

I totally love how they randomly put things like this for additional knowledge. How cool is that!

Do you see the amazing transition of his artwork from the usual pencil and paper, to painting and frames, and the enormous glass sculpts! Aah! Just look at what the abstract mind can do! On the other side of note though, some of his abstract paintings created another vision at the back of my mind like  they look like plants in abstract form or the others look like cells to me. Teehee!

The museum is such a big place that different kinds of art made of glass were also displayed there. Since the highlight of the place is glass art dedicated and inspired by Chihuly, the fun part (for me at least) is the kids' designs turned to life through glass art! I'm sure you'll enjoy and appreciate this as much as I did, the idea of how colorful, artistic, abstract and playful a kids mind all at the same time surely made me happy inside and out!

Cuteness overload is an understatement!

I know this sounds so "bloggerish" but I swear I'd go back here to take outfit photos! lol

And no, this beautiful staircase will not lead you to a castle. It's the staircase to the Chihuly Bridge of Glass!! I know, this place sure keeps a lot of surprises.

Yes, in the middle of a very huge highway! Let me know about your thoughts by placing a comment below. I would love to listen and chat with you guys!

  For more information visit www.chihuly.com


  1. I love museums also..^^ and the one you visit is so amazing, i like the paintings it's so colorful and full of life. can't wait for your another summer travel diaries ..^^


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