Color Code

I'm wearing red and holding a balloon stick. It's too obvious and quite predictable I'm attending a birthday party, isn't it? Or trying to be specific, a celebration involving the Chinese side of the family. You know the traditional grind. What makes it different this time though was me, being the one organizing it. One reason why I haven't blogged nor updated my instagram from time to time because its that special. Lucky my first pair of DAS heels arrived. It was the perfect time to get to know them by giving them a spin on a day full of walking from one place to another 'til the day ended. Feedback? I hope telling you that I've been over using them lately explains it all. It's so versatile, chic and the heel height is just perfect! What I'm really trying to say is, I'm going to get another pair when I get the time and I'd like to suggest if you haven't tried DAS yet to give them a chance! This one's made of pure lambskin leather by the way, which stands out on any occasion and mood. Also, this WAGW Exclusive top is the perfect shade of red. The fit is amazing and I love the little mandarin collar detail. Simple yet very sophisticated. So, how are you spending your holiday? Let me know on the comments below and have a great one!

[WAGW Exlusives top/necklace, Forever 21 leggings, JMA (c/o Shang Mall) leather cuff, DAS heels]

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