90s Kid

What's more quick and easy with two pieces in the same print? I've had about four or five pairs of this kind from different stores since last year and had been wearing them separately with a little note I put "part of a set" everytime I finish a post with the links of brands where I got everything on my look. Now that it has invaded the fashion blogosphere I thought- what took me so long?? With full integrity I'd say I was a little bit scared to pull it off that time but now that "guts" came over to replace that scary feel, I could definitely say that it's worth trying! And I'm telling you now to look forward on another post of me wearing another set. Wore this ensemble on a Sunday errands day and yes, even Sundays keep me on the go but not to the point where I can't balance everything when family time comes. It was another rainy day and I know white is not that easy to maintain on that kind of weather but lucky me I always have that challenge ever since I started college. lol! So to all my paramedical or medical student readers, having to wear our uniforms every school day and maintaining them 'til the end of the day isn't as bad at all!

It's an obvious affirmation that the skirt's silhouette had failed my torso when I paired it with something flat like these sneaks perhaps but it was all worth it (for me at least!) because how would it complete my 90s kid look without the sneaks, right? And add my new favorite specs to that! If there's any color I wish to pop on most of my outfits, I'll always pick red. This look is definitely one for the books; comfy, stylish, on the go, very normcore, updated version of the old- just perfff!

What do you think about my look?

[Urban Dressing top and bottom set, Faded Glory denim polo (similar here and here), Cole Vintage clutch, Swap watch, Urban Outfitters interlocked necklace (layered top), Pretty Little Blings rings (on my left hand)/spike necklace (layered bottom), Forever 21 connector ring (on my right hand)]

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