Spring Fling

I have a little secret to tell. I'm having a secret affair with cherry blossoms without knowing it and now, it's not that of a secret at all. Oh me, my sarcasm and bizarre mind! It has been like this ever since I started going out last week and noticed the full bloomed cherry blossoms everywhere. That's what you get when you've seen them and get near them the first time, I guess. Can you blame me? All the more having photos with them makes me want to look at it every single day I open my laptop or whenever I'd get the chance to go out and take my camera with me. Now I wish we had these back home! Not counting when mom took these photos of me, at the last shot, a lady guard came and told us that taking photos is not allowed in that area. I was so surprised because the place had so many good spots for great photos that I even wished I brought a lot of clothes and take my ootd's there. Luckily, we were tourists and didn't know and of course I used my charms at it. We survived and still glad that the lady guard didn't ask us to delete the photos! Thank you for being considerate enough! lol!

I literally have no idea what's with me and this one foot not touching the ground pose I've been doing lately. It's a current obsession! Haha! A new signature pose, perhaps? I've had this bohemian silhouette vest with me for quite some time now and this is the first look I came up with it even if this wasn't really the look I was thinking when I saw this at Urban Outfitters months ago. It was love at first sight with this vest. It's like I really know something worth and something perfect for me at the same time when I see one. That's exactly how I felt with this. I didn't even care how quite pricey it was for a vest because I know it's perfect from the quality to the fit, print and cut. And that my friend, is something worth buying. This stripe fringed crop top was given to me by a good friend, I was so happy when I got it too since I've never had something like this before. One reason why I went to minimal accessories is that, this was the last day of our short trip in Vancouver Washington and I wanted the prints of my top and vest to stand out. They complemented each other so much that I only paired them with the perfect white jeans I've ever had but I was forced to change to black leggings after and oxfords since I had that annoying "red days" thing going on. Do expect more of this particular top and vest combo obsession!

What do you think about my look?

[Top (similar here), Urban Outfitters vest, Mango jeans, Forever 21 necklace/ring, H&M bag, American Eagle long strap watch, Call It Spring heels]

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