Romania For A Day

The moment mom and I arrived at the Vancouver Washington Amtrak train station, we hurriedly drove to the church which was located at Portland together with her friends. We were already at the state of Oregon but it's about an hour or less close to Vancouver. I didn't even have much time to look around the old places where I used to go two years ago since I had to do mom's make-up inside the car! lol. (I did mine at the train haha). Can you tell how much we were time chasing that day? Nevertheless, we're still lucky enough to catch up, and arrive on time for the wedding. I still find it a blessing! Don't you think so too? Basically that day, everything was a first for me especially the part of attending a Romanian wedding in a Romanian church with Romanian people in all ages and gender and most of all, eating Romanian food. The bride and groom were both Romanian, obviously and I think my mom, her friends (who were both white Americans btw) and I were the only ones looking different there. You know that feeling when everyone will look at you probably wondering "what's this Chinese girl doing here?" lol! And if you didn't know yet, I really hate to be stared or looked at. I can't even look straight for long to people! Haha. But on the right side of note, it was all great "firsts" for me.

What was really hard that day was understanding their language. First of all, I lack sleep that day because I woke up almost four in the morning just to catch up that 7:30am train. We were thankful we made it to the wedding on time but the four of us couldn't understand the whole process because of miscommunication. Isn't life ironic sometimes? My mom and I felt sleepy and tired while attending the ceremony. I didn't want to feel that way since I'm also interested how Romanians do marriage stuffs and learn more about their tradition so I asked my mom to take my outfit shots to get rid of the sleepiness. While doing blogger work, a Romanian guy approached us and asked if we understand their language since he noticed us before the matrimonial mass started. Of course we said no. He was so kind he looked for a translator for us and we were active by then until the reception. Not to mention, there were so many beautiful Romanian ladies, I guess that was my first time up close to them too. Their skin is just naturally fair and so makinis that most of them barely wore make-up. I wish I had their skin and height. lol! If there were beautiful ladies, there were so many handsome Romanian guys too! OMG! OMG! OMG! #Sorrynotsorry There was that one guy who said 'hi' to me and another one even translated for me during the reception. Aren't they so friendly and considerate too? I never knew my day would brighten up since it was raining. Thank God I did blogger work! lol! Food was unexpectedly great it destroyed my diet but was worth destroying that I even missed taking photos of the other food that was served! I hope you guys enjoy these photos and read full details on my outfit and the first part of this post here.

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