Men Inspired

Cheers for my first post of the year!! As much as possible, I'd like to try all kinds of style without missing a touch of "my style" in it. Get it? Get it? I guess I'm halfway on trying almost everything but I'm pretty much open for more mixing and matching this new year! Are you with me? Yes? Good and thank you! (now I wonder why I'm so jolly making this blog post when the truth is I'm really very sleepy while waiting for that clock hands to tick at twelve. lol!) Excuses my weirdness. Sometimes, I really get jealous how men can dress up easily than we do. Picking what color to match, which shirt to wear, pants or shorts, sneakers or topsiders are their only problems while us girls, we still need to figure out what theme would we be on a day, what kind of clothes to wear and match, accessories, make up, and we even have a gazillion kinds of footwear to choose from! Isn't it hard being a girl? But other than that, we choose to live with it every single day and even if it's hard, we still find it super fun. So let me rephrase what I said earlier, isn't it challenging, fun and creative being a girl? Haha!

This time though, I've actually seen a lot of men in any age pair this shirt + over-sized blazer combo which I bet you've seen everywhere also. So I thought of trying it when I was about to head to an appointment which was in a US government office. One reason why I'm only in minimal accessories and in my natural #NoMakeUp face, just a simple necklace and watch did the trick.

I really thought I pulled this manly look so well without missing the literal fact that I'm a girl, didn't I? My favorite accessory in this look besides my necklace that I kept on ranting in Instagram (lol!) is this gorgeous bag from Call It Spring! My all time favorite color pair in any season would always be black and brown despite how much I love neutral colors also. I guess all my favorite colors are here 'cause since I was a kid, my fave color is yellow and I never learned to change that until now even if I started liking other colors. Anyway, a short story on how this bag and I met, I was at the mall with my mom and my little cousin and on that same day, I promised myself not to purchase anything at the mall. We looked through the Call It Spring area and my eyes brought me to this bag and the moment I saw it, I immediately told myself "OMG! This is so me!" and everyone agreed. I looked at the tag and I put in mind that if ever they still have other stocks, I'll just wait until it's going to be on sale so I asked the lady to check and see if they have other stocks but then she came back and said it's the last one they've got. So I charmed my way out of this bag to the lady and the lady gave me a discount! Aren't we meant to be? And isn't the lady so nice? lol!


What do you think about my look?

[Mom's shirt and blazer, Mango jeans, American Eagle Outfitters long strap watch, Call It Spring bag (similar here), Urban Outfitters necklace, Icing glasses]

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