Bright Mesh

I just couldn't understand why the weather lately is very moody like in a span of time within the day, it starts off as gloomy and in the middle of the day, its going to be scorching hot and the day ends with little rains or gloomy again. Its so confusing just like us sometimes, yes? 

So since I couldn't tell if its going to rain or not, I decided to go BRIGHT! (yes, it deserves to be all caps!) Its one way of saving myself in whatever kind of weather may come within the day. There are actually two things to consider; first, if its going to be gloomy, at least I can still enlighten up myself to "brighten up" (or making the lazy feeling that the gloomy weather brings fly away. lol) and who knows, I can brighten up other people's day as well through my bright look! second, if its going to be sunny, it will surely create a more positive energy within my day! That would be really nice.

When your whole outfit is full of colors, especially the bright ones, the rule will always be the same as accessorizing or dressing yourself up with neons. There's no need to excessorize because your whole ensemble will stand out by itself since the colors are already powerful and eye catching. That's why I only piled on candy colored bracelets for that quirky and fun statement, not to mention the cute little mustache on my polo! 

My top btw is a dress from WAGW that I transformed as if its a plain top. Its fun how you can style plain dresses like this in different looks. I could think of a few and this is just one of those. Since my cardigan is so long, I decided to tie it into a knot to flaunt my curves but what I really love most about my look is my meshed skirt, it gives an interesting vibe to my legs which is part of my style staple. All in all, this look reminds me of summer and its a few months away! I know you guys are excited too!

What do you think about my look?
P.S. Thanks to my best friend Abby who took the photos of me in this post!

[WAGW top/cardigan/skirt, Topshop bag, Tutum flats]

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