Oh Scarf!

Print over plain, plain over plain is such a common trend and is easy to get a whole look done. Let me give you another "still" on trend look. Print on print on print! This trend is quite challenging though, because you have to make sure that the prints, patterns and even colors (no matter how few they appear) should match and are put together and paired properly. Believe it or not, I didn't actually thought these "not the same brand" pieces will look good! This outfit fills up all local brands from neck to toes. 

The moment I got the package of this scarf printed pants all the way from Manila, I thought of pairing it on any plain top but all of a sudden my mind thought way beyond when I saw this scarf printed top hanging on one of the local boutiques named July. I could really say that July is trendy and affordable, perfect for student shopaholics like me. Lol. Don't say you don't agree with me! Haha. I also love the color hues on both of them, its just so me. Orange/tangerine, blue, yellow, nude, and brown. They're just the perfect mix. I was even thinking that they're meant to be.

And by the way, don't I fit in with the printed walls? I feel like I'm in a castle. This location is still in Hotel Elizabeth and its one of my favorite parts in the hotel. 

When wearing print on print, you don't need to accessorize much because your outfit pops out effortlessly. Good thing I had this plain layered necklace from WAGW and the colors fit in too! I also paired it with plain color blocked heels from Primadonna which also connects to the color wheel of my pants. Simple arm party in cream round twists that has small gold details from A.G. Cordeshoppe that they had personalized for me (yay!) and nude and gold bracelet from Mauve just to neutralize everything. Of course, I won't forget my very handy sling bag. I'm so happy I have this bag, it just stores everything from my wallet to my automizer! Its so hard to find sling bags that will fit my favorite stuffs to bring 'cause they're usually small. The size of this bag is just right for my stuff. I'll assure you ahead that this will be used much!

I bet most of you had seen this on Instagram, or not. Well, this was taken by my cousin Andrea to be Instagram-ed. I bet she's proud to have a blogger niece. Haha! She hates to be called aunt because our age gaps are just close. But anyway, thanks for this Drea! 

What can you say about my print on print ensemble?

[July top, Clothes For The Goddess pajama pants, Primadonna heels, WAGW necklace, A.G. Cordeshoppe cream twists bracelet (can be used as necklace), Mauve nude and gold bracelets, Hebe Manila (order via Chicify) sling bag]

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