Comforts For Breakfast

A big throwback to the early months of twenty fifteen with my long hair and gloomy weather weeks, I decided to wake up as early as I could despite that my class starts in the afternoon that day just to get a full, belly worth breakfast to fuel me for the day. I looooove breakfasts not only because its the most important meal but also because my day isn't complete without eggs and bacon! I'm so into breakfast that at times, I miss it especially when I rush in the morning or simply because my body can't seem to let go of my cozy bed (admit it, we all go through this lol). But mind you at this day, I managed and survived to get my bums out of my sheets (and take note on a cold gloomy morning!) so that would be you-0 and me-1. Yay! Don't feel so down yet since I'm sure you're wondering how I did it. Read on to know my little secret.

It's all in the right choice of clothes, babe! Whatever type of clothes that makes you feel comfortable and at the same time matches your mood and the place you're going, go for it! I spent an early munch at the Abaca Baking Company months ago in this outfit since it matches the vibe there and the soft cottony fabric this Mango dress has seem to still make me feel like I'm in my pj's but in style. lol!

However, it's another rushing-manic-insane heat Monday today I hope you wake up with optimism sprinkled with inspirations to start your day ahead great. Have a good one!

What do you think about my look?

[Mango dress, Urban Outfitters vest, H&M bag, Forever 21 sunnies, S&H sandals]

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  1. I love the print and the design of your vest especially at the back..^^


    1. Love them too. Hope you visit often, Ann!