If there's one thing we never miss while looking at ourselves in the mirror, it's obviously our flaws. Let's admit, we often see it more than the unique beauty each of us have. Do our flaws really stand out than our beauty? Just like you, I sometimes think so but I also think that its only probably us being blinded by negativity that led us to not appreciate our flaws. Well its about time to wake up! Your picture and screen perfect idols are always covered up and got a lipo because they can't manage to embrace their flaws (duh!). I'm just saying, let's stop the insecurities after all our flaws are part of our unique beauty and nobody has the right to tell you you're ugly. Let's start appreciating the little things just like how I admired the uneven hems of the skirt that I'm wearing and the different patches of stripe prints that put together this chic set from Pinkaholic.

Wore this look on a casual day enjoying hot chocolate at its finest at The Chocolate Chamber while trying out the classic, must-have Happy Skin X StyLIZed lippie collection. I'm sure I've already made feedback on my instagram few months ago but I only tried the nude lippie (my favorite!) that time now that I've tried the three of them, I can finally say it should be in every girl's beauty loot whether you're a light make-up junkie like me or a heavy one. I believe every girl has that classy side!

Now I'm fully aware the full body shots are blurred, no its not your eyes dear. We were rush shooting at the peak heat of the day, everything looked perfectly well when we were at it but when I reviewed the photos again about sunset, real things showed up! No regrets though, hope you learn something from this as much as I did.

What do you think about my look?

[Pinkaholic top and skirt set (old), GTW by SM jacket, Happy Skin X StyLIZed acrylic clutch, Extreme Finds accessories, Sunnies Studios eyewear]

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