La Vie Parisienne

Greeting you all smiles at this late hour! Although its still sunny and bright at the other parts of the world, sure there's no time limit for sharing a smile isn't it? I could already strongly feel fall season across the globe but closer through social media which explains why I'm wearing some of my favorite fall pieces, which by the way are two of my first purchases from H&M last year and unbelievably so fast almost a year after, our very first H&M flagship opened! Aaahmazing how time flies! Not to mention, I'm really really looking forward to go to Manila. It's been quite a loooong time since I've been there and I'm super certain there's soooo many new things to try and check out! (I'm sure all the "oooo's" explained enough lol). Moving on, when I heard about the new La Vie Parisienne I finally had the guts to give it a try much credits to my good friend who've been hanging out here couple times since it opened. Now I know you guys are pretty much familiar with this place already since its been one of the popular places to visit here in my hometown but I'd be honest enough to admit its my first time to be here. I know!! What took me so long, right? But other than that, I thought it was also the perfect timing, less people + perfect weather for my fall season outfit! So let me leave you here enjoying the stunning new La Vie and even more at night when all these huge curve balls are lit up. 

Are you having some "ooooh's" and "aaah's" moment right there? Well to those who've seen this for the first time like myself, I might add. lol! Scroll down for more of that!

What are your thoughts about it?

[H&M sweater/skirt/bag, SunniesStudios sunnies, Extreme Finds necklace, Aldo shoes]

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  1. Ahhhh! I've been longing to go here too when I heard they have added a lot since they opened! Been here a couple of time already but definitely going back. I'm pretty sure I won't go there during night time! Haha

    Loved your outfit here by the way. Very Parisian :D