The Grotto (Part 2/2)

The second part of this surreal sacred place that I'm proudly featuring here is everything you'll discover on the upper level. Few cents would cost you to ride the elevator to get to the top but really, what you're about to discover is surely beyond amazing! Here, the manicured gardens made me wish I'd get to build my house here if this wasn't a holy place. It would've been perfect for one, it's overlooking Portland two, it's not far from the city, three, you don't have to pay tax in Oregon! And here, it's easier to meditate and live peacefully. There's so much advantages to think of but other than those, I'm more than happy I was able to witness this beauty. I hope I made you see how I saw this place with my eyes, one reason why I exerted so much effort to snap the best shots!

These individual statue stands are the different mysteries of the rosary so basically, you can pray here too and move as you pray from one mystery to another. As of now, there are only two shrines made but their goal is to make at least one for different countries. The first shrine you'll see is the Our Lady of Czestochowa Polish Shrine and the second one, well, guess what? It's called Dambana, obviously and proudly, a Filipino Shrine. Yay!!

Can you see how it's made? You can already tell it's Filipino because of our native hat design. I admired it so much that I almost forgot to take a photo of it. lol!

This couple are the ones you'd meet when you visit here. The husband (I forgot his name sorry!), was the one who carved the statues! They told us about how and why the statue was made like that perhaps the angels, have you noticed they're not the common angels you see? Notice that he made the angels wear a bahag instead of the usual greek cloth like in the movies and another angel playing the flute? Little details like that made it very Filipino! Full applause for this man!!

This little red chapel is called The Chapel of St. Anne. On an outside note, it reminds me of Hogwarts and I love it because it's red. Teehee!

St. Francis of Assisi statue.

The Meditation Chapel (below) is on a separate building and is on the left side of the garden. It's location, ambience and built is really perfect for meditating. There's definitely so much you can do to get closer to Him here. 

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