Monochrome Chaos

At a quick glance, I caught myself in a monochromatic tone with prints in the same situation which, I never realized until I saved my photos on my lappy. Life happens like that sometimes, especially when you're running out of time (isn't it obvious while I'm in this ensemble though? lol). Cliche as it may sound, black always saves the day whenever you're in this kind of situation but in my sartorial thought, I'd like to say monochromatic or anything crisp would be a great alternative. I'm glad I did it here even without realizing it. Haha! Actually, I wore this look when I was planning on doing a surprise birthday gift for mom. If you saw it on my instagram/twitter (@zaaaaiii) or facebook few days ago then you already know but no worries for those who didn't, I'll show and reveal clearer photos here!

First of all, I've only baked meat, potatoes and brownies in my life. Count the cookies in way back high school. But I've never baked a cake in my life and what's ironic is that, I chose to make cake pops as a surprise gift for mom's birthday. Of course for a first timer, I thought it's as easy as it looks but the heck!! It's definitely not! I even almost gave up since I came back to the store countless times because I kept failing. Good thing I'm such a patient and hopeful person, I secretly kept crossing my fingers and kept trying all over again plus, I'm so lucky my good good friend Pola helped me and never gave up with me. Soooo I hope I could hear feedback from my lovely readers even if you can't taste it personally.

After the celebration of my mom's birthday, we traveled back to Vancouver Washington to attend a baby shower and shared some of the cake pops I made for mom and I was just surprised so many kids kept coming back wanting more! I guess that's how I knew it wasn't bad. *happy dance*

Moving back to my look, I did felt so comfy all day even I was a bit worried my cake pop won't be done before 12am strikes! Nevertheless, this was one of my favorite looks because it's a good addtition to the ones that really define my style.

Another thing I'd like to share today is this not-so-new amazeball wonder in a small tube. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's so hard to find the Wild Limited Edition one although I'm not having any regrets with the original tube. It's just that, I like the printed tube better. lol! I'm sure it's not the first time most of you have heard of this but if until now, you're still not convinced to try, just so you know, it's my first tube too (since I'm a wise buyer like that) and ever since I got it, it's part of the things I can't live without in my bag! Its travel friendly size and chic gold tube is definitely a plus despite being known for its amazing long lasting effect. Need I say more? Get your own YSL Touche Eclat now and don't hesitate to ask help when it comes to finding the right shade for you since it's very very important!

P.S. Please excuse my messy and ugly hair. It needs treatment so bad!

Honestly, I'm fully aware I'm slightly skipping thoughts on this post but I just squeezed in some time to make a post for today and share these new things I did and experienced even if I'm super tired. Hope you could bear with exhausted Zaira for now!

What do you think about my look?

[Fringe Vest (similar here), YSL Touche EclatH&M bag, Old Navy rings, ZeroUV sunnies, Flats (similar here), Icing iPhone5 case]

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