I slept late, three in the morning to be exact just to at least finish packing everything for my long international flight tomorrow. I set my alarm by eight in the morning to prepare since few of my friends would've come over to bond with me before I leave. I was sleeping soundly until my body was shaking while in bed, and when I opened my eyes, everything was shaking around my room. My desk, computer, the scanner, school papers and working stuffs are falling down as if someone got so mad and threw everything away and suddenly, the shaking got worse until everything was falling on the floor including the computer's keyboard even the pair of boots at the top most on my shoes' shelf inside my room reached the floor. The earthquake definitely woke me up before my alarm did. My sister and I hid under our pillows, waiting for the shaking to stop.

What a bad way to wake up. I could definitely feel the adrenaline rush through my veins, my heart palpitating, as if so surprised (in a bad way). And when the shaking stopped, my sister and I hurriedly grabbed the important stuffs we could grab. I was lucky enough that I packed my carry on bag that contains almost all sorts important things I need, so I grabbed that bag and my phones that were charging and we immediately went downstairs, outside the house to protect ourselves. Everyone in the neighborhood were out of their houses. I was so surprised to see how huge my neighborhood was. And most of us are in our "good morning" faces and in our sleep wear. In other words, everyone had a shocking Tuesday morning.

About an hour after, things were slowly calming down despite the aftershocks. So I checked online for news updates. And the worse things came out. As we all know, the main source of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake is in Bohol which is the island close to Cebu (my hometown) so you might have imagined how strong the shaking was. Worse than last year's. Very old churches and some of Cebu and Bohol's traditional tourist spots were destroyed and damaged, even malls and other buildings and homes. Patients admitted in the hospitals were relocated outside and even newly born babies :( Saddest part is, the reported incidents of death due to the phenomena are growing. One reason why I couldn't dare post even one photo of the damages in this post.

My family prayed together. And I would definitely encourage everyone to do the same especially those who were very affected. To those who are at least safe right now despite the on going aftershocks, let's not forget to say thank you to God even on the most little miracles that happened today. That even if the earthquake happened early in the morning, he woke us up and saved us in that way, and the rest follows. Let us pray for the families who lost their loved ones and the souls of those who passed away today due to the phenomena. Let us pray for everyone, together.

On the other side of note, I still wish to reschedule my flight. I can't seem to feel calm leaving my family here while its still not safe. Hoping everything will be good and calm tomorrow.

#PrayForBohol, #PrayForCebu, #PrayForVisayas

If you want to see photos of the damages, view

Current news of the phenomena HERE.

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