Sunstyle Summer Skin and Fashion Fest

Last Saturday (March 16), me and my friends watched the Forever 21 fashion show held at SM City Cebu Northwing Atrium. As a new blogger (since I still consider myself one), the event made a big impact on my blogger life. It was a first for me so I was really really REALLY excited when I knew I could watch it live for free pa with a plus that I could bring two friends. It was a great opportunity indeed. P.S. Thank you Ms. April for telling me and to Ms. Shari for entertaining me even if you don't know me. I would've never experienced this if it weren't for both of you. Well, I'm open to any Cebu/Fashion and Beauty related events. Hihi. I hope it was worth inviting me! *shy smile*

Going back on the event, it started a bit late but hey, the waiting was really worth it since the show is about Forever 21's summer fashion fest together with Vaseline and Zee Lifestyle. I hope some of the looks on the runway will help you think about your summer style as well. Enjoy!

Photos above are obviously what I wore on the event. Clearer shots of it will be blogged on a separate post since I also want my readers to feel that they're also watching the fashion show with me through this post! (No cheesy cheesy lines here :))

Dearly beloved readers, I want you to meet the girl behind most of my outfit shots. My very kind friend Pearly. She's also a blogger but her blog is a personal one.

And the second friend I invited to watch the event with me is my model friend Mayleen. Both of them are just the perfect friends for the event, right? Not to mention, the area was really packed look at all those people behind us. 

The show was hosted by Ms. Earth 2008, Ms. Karla Paula Henry. She's so pretty and tall and I was really surprised (in a good way) that she's very slim and sexy na! Teehee.

I really loved that cut out at the back! Don't you? 

Spotted some good looking guy models, huh? Let me guess, the first guy at the left? Gotcha! Haha!

I knew you weren't expecting to see kids at the last photo but yes, they modeled and they were so adorable on the runway in their summer outfits. So cute!

I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did! More ideas on what to wear at the beach resorts this summer, yes? Wish I could attend to a lot of events like this and/or related to this. Ciao!


  1. Ganahan kos imong lipcolor! ;)

    1. Thanks Natalie! I usually mix different kinds of lippies to get a unique shade :)