Love Maxi's, Florals and Neons

Sometimes, you just have to stop waking up with the same thought every morning and try to see more deeply the things that you are surrounded of. Who knows? It might give you a new positive thought as you wake up and affect those who you are interacting with everyday. To make it straight and short, transform a negative energy to a positive one! Which is what I will give to you right now; more about nature and happy colors!

Don't you just love how nature magically changes your mood? Like for example if you go visit or stay at places far away from the city for a few days. You will meet different people with different lifestyle than those in the city and their places are such full of peace and wonder, simply talking about nature. As if you have no problems at all whenever you stay away from the city or any place you're used to stay everyday. Ever felt that feeling? Amazing right?

Moreover about the simple magic that nature has, let's talk about my look. I never really thought that neon yellow would still over power the brightness of my plum red skirt. Have you? It just proves that nothing else is brighter than neons. And who would've thought that it also goes well with florals? To neutralize everything, I added a white short cardigan and tied a knot on it so that my skirt would pop my whole look and some white wedges too. Floral ring is a must for a twist as well.

What do you think about my look?

[Topshop floral corset, WAGW maxi skirt, Stella Luna wedges, Edge Co neon necklace, Bubbles neon cuff, Mauve floral ring]

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